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Refit can be a rewarding and cost effective way to get the style and layout you need from a yacht.  It can also be highly complex and problematic.  We are here to manage that process for you and use our experience to avoid costly mistakes


Selecting The Right Yacht

We believe that anything is possible, but there is no point in making a refit project nearly impossible.  It's important to understand your desired outcomes and then acquire a yacht that has the capability to make the transformation you need - and in a cost effective way

Engineering Plans
Engineering Plans

Making A Plan

It's important not to jump in with both feet but ensure we have a detailed costed plan and that everyone knows what we are working towards.  Depending on the extent of the refit, it may be necessary to work with both internal and external designers / naval architects

Image by Michal Mrozek

Shipyard Selection

Shipyards have widely different cost structures and abilities. It is important to understand how much the shipyard will do and how much the owner's team will do.  The contract with the yard also needs careful review and may need the support of a qualified marine lawyer


The Refit Team

In conjunction with the shipyard, we will appoint our own team to be present every day and at every step of the way.  It is vital to have our own people dedicated to protecting the interests of the owner

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