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Sell Your Yacht


So many mistakes are made in the process of selling a yacht.  Iconovista only works for our clients on a small number of yachts at any one time.  This provides focus and our creative approach brings you the best chance of achieving a quick sale


Preparing To Sell

Prior to any sale we will assess your yacht and make any recommendations to avoid obstacles down the line



If it doesn't already exist, we will arrange for professional photography to be taken to ensure that the yacht is presented in the best light


Technical Specification

Yachts are often overlooked by potential purchasers because the initial information is either incorrect or presented poorly.  We take time to ensure we have a comprehensive specification of your yacht and its current condition.  We will focus on the advantages and positive features to ensure the yacht is attractively positioned in the market

The Wall of Ideas

Promotion & Marketing

We use the same international marketing platforms as all major international yacht brokerages. It is vital that not only do we try to find a direct buyer through our own marketing, but also that every other yacht broker is motivated to understand and promote your yacht.  Creative approaches and open days form a key part of this process

Signing a Contract

Contract Negotiation

Purchase contracts are usually presented by the buyer's representative and are likely to be weighed in their favour.  We ensure your interests are protected and there are no trap doors in the contract

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Yachts Sold By Iconovista 

View a sample of yachts recently sold by Iconovista

Sell Your Yacht

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